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Sindh is the valley of Saints. Ancient Sindh was spread up to Multan (Now in Punjab Province). Islam was first spread by the preacher (Sahabas and Saints) who educated the people of this valley through their teachings. For the last several hundred years the region of Sindh from Nawabshah to Thatta is known as the Area of SAHTEYA (Literature & Education) and Matiari is the center of this region.
Matiari is one of the oldest territories of Sindh. It has a very bright past from the educational point of view. This region produced a number of religious scholars, Educators, Intellectuals, Poets who spread the essence of their knowledge all over the subcontinent.
Matiari is the land of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, the great saint, soofi Poet and lover of Sindh and the world as well.
In the old days of the British Government, the British Government always acquired (FATWA) from Scholars (Ulama`s) MATIARI according to Muslim Law to decide Muslim disputes in a court of law. Akhund Azizullah who was the first translator of Holy Quran in the Sindhi language was also a native of Matiari.
The First & Last “SHAHEED” of the “Khilafat movement” Muhammad Raheem Qazi was a citizen of Matiari.
Matiari was established by “SAYEDS”, whose forefather had come from “HIRAT”(Afghanistan), before them there was a small village of the tribe “CHANG” at this place.
Around 1400 A.C the forefather of “SAYEDS” {who are basically the ARABS and do belong to the family of Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD (SAWS)}, Sayed Ameer Hyder Shah came into Sindh with “Taimoor Lang” the Great Grand Father of Mughals and married the daughter of Shah Muhammad Halo, who was the knight of his Tribe in town HALA. On-call of his father from HIRAT, Sayed Ameer Hyder Shah returned to his homeland, and here his wife gave birth to a boy and gave him the name SAYED MEER ALI SHAH. When this boy grew up he went to his father’s homeland, where his father was not alive. Then he returned back to his motherland with his father’s brother and a lot of wealth of his legacy. After return, he did not settle in Hala but came to the place where now Matiari do exist. As he had a lot of money, so he purchased a lot of LANDS and fully settled down at here along with his mother. Then he got married to a woman from his mother’s family. All the SAYEDS of Matiari, Bhanot, Sun, Tikher are his grandchildren.
About the name “MATIARI”, it is said that before settling at here SAYED MEER ALI SHAH was firstly settled in a village” MUTAALO” near to Shahdadpur, district Sangher, then he settled at the place which is called Matiari, so these SAYEDS were called the people of “MUTAALO, which changed to “MUTAALVI”, then “MATIARI”.


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